Why your website should have Slow Connection Detection

In case you haven’t noticed, EVERYONE is on their phones nowadays. Age no longer matters. Smartphones have been adopted by everyone from 12 to 112. The majority of browsing is now done on phones and tablets, and although I don’t have exact numbers, I imagine it’s an overwhelming majority in the RV community. RVers are mobile and with that mobility comes a reliance on wireless networks, which are famously unreliable. Unfortunately, we cannot make them more reliable via the web, but we can work around their shortcomings. One of the best ways is with slow connection detection.

What is this slow connection detection voodoo?

Imagine you’re researching where to stay next and the campground wi-fi is terrible or you have one bar of cell service. You try several websites and you get nothing but a spinning circle as your poor device tries to download large images, textured backgrounds, and all sorts of unnecessary scripts and files. You can’t get anything to load and you close your browser in frustration.

Now imagine you land on an RVspark website. An alert pops up warning of your slow connection and asking if you’d like to proceed as is or if you’d like to load the entire site anyway. You choose to proceed and the website remembers your selection for an hour. You are free to peruse rates, amenities, hours of operation, and anything else you’re looking for much quicker. While this doesn’t guarantee that you will camp here, it increases the odds exponentially as you’re able to access information with minimal frustration while other campground websites are sitting idle, unable to keep up.

But speeds are getting faster, why would i need this?

True. Wireless network speeds are getting faster and coverage is getting broader, but there are still plenty of dead spots, and we’ve all dealt with the dreaded campground wi-fi that seems to run through an abacus. Why decrease your odds of attaining customers when you can very easily increase them?

RVspark is built for the here and now with a very watchful eye on the future. As the winds of technology change, we’re here to make sure your website’s sails are up and you’re ready to move.

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