Why choose RVspark?

We know websites can be a source of frustration for business owners, particularly campground owners. Most websites cost a small fortune and sit idle because they’re either too difficult to update or you just don’t have the time. Now you don’t have to worry about any of it. We’ve built a low-cost platform just for you and we call you four times a year to make sure your information stays updated.

Give the people what they want

As RV’ers ourselves, we couldn’t help but notice the sad state of most campground websites. Many are still not mobile-friendly, and the important information we were looking for was often unnecessarily difficult to get to. We decided to help the entire RV community by building RVspark so every campground can stay up-to-date with technology and be optimized for our fellow nomads.

Keep up with the times

Technology changes quickly and it can be costly to keep up. RVspark uses cutting edge web technology and will continue to be refined and optimized over time. We have a lengthy road map of enhancements and optimizations planned. There’s no better time than the present to hop on-board and join us.

Did you know Google penalizes you if your website is not mobile-friendly?

Over the last few years Google has started penalizing websites that aren’t optimized for phones and tablets. This can severely affect the amount of traffic your website receives. An overwhelming majority of people of all ages are using their phones to browse the web. The more difficult you make that for them, the less likely they are to camp with you.

All of our websites have been designed for phones, tablets, and desktop computers. We make sure your visitors can access all the important information quickly and get a good sense of your park at a glance.

Change your look and layout

One of the more underrated features of RVspark are the various themes available. If it’s been a while since you changed your website and you feel it needs freshening up, you can change the entire design with a single click. We areĀ  continually adding new themes to our library so you can choose the look and feel that best suits your campground.

Quarterly check-ups

Here’s where we really go above and beyond. It’s painfully obvious that, for one reason or another, it can be difficult to keep information current on your website. As a courtesy to you, and consequently your customers (and our fellow nomads), we will call you every 3 months to confirm the information on your website is still accurate. This includes, but is not limited to, your contact information, number and type of accommodations, list of amenities, and rates.

This also gives us an opportunity to ask you how the website is serving you and collect any valuable feedback you may have on how we can further improve the platform.

Ready to light the spark?

You're a couple quick steps away from a new modern web presence that will greatly benefit your business. Choose your plan and sign up to get started. We look forward to working with you!

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