What makes a good RV park website in 2018?

Here’s a cliche new year post for you! Everyone starts the year with good intentions and renewed motivation to make various improvements to their lives. If you’re a business owner, improving your website might be on the list. We’re going to touch on some of the things that make a good website in 2018, and if you’re a campground owner, this should make your plan of action pretty simple given that RVspark websites are built for the here and now.

Be device-friendly

Over the last ten years we have seen a major spike in handheld devices like phones and tablets. Most households contain some combination of mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and personal computers. Screens of all sizes, some touch-enabled, others not. It’s a wild world we live in, and as a business you want to make sure your website performs well and looks pristine on all of these devices regardless of make, model, or size.

Every RVspark theme is handcrafted to work on all devices so users get the same experience regardless of how they’re viewing the website.

Show off

This is a big one! Don’t be that campground with blurry photos taken on an old Kodak disposable camera. Get some professional photos taken of your park. People want to know what your park looks like, and if you’re going to show the place off, show it off right!

Nice high resolution photography will breathe major life into your website and give visitors a shot of confidence to stay at your park.

Be lightweight and optimized

As a seasoned website developer, this topic is one I take more serious than most. The internet is littered with low-cost website providers and DIY plugins that all promise to look and function as though a professional was behind everything. No one ever mentions the major performance hit you take with these options. One-size-fits-all solutions like these are bloated with unnecessary code because they’re trying to be all things to all people. This increases file sizes, and many times these files might be hosted on slow servers, which just slows everything down unnecessarily.

Everything in RVspark is carefully custom coded with minimalism in mind, keeping file sizes way down and allowing our websites to load much faster than most. While connections are getting faster all the time so this may seem like a moot point, RVers often find themselves in areas of slow connectivity so having a performance edge is critical when patience and bandwidth are in short supply.

Keep an eye out for more website tips and tricks as we keep growing. Thanks for reading!

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