Website performance is overlooked, and that’s not good.

“Is it easy to use?”

“Does it work on phones and tablets?”

“Is everything current and accurate?”

All great questions business owners ask regarding their website. “Does it perform well?” is not generally one of them. Website performance is one of the most overlooked aspects of website development, and it’s shockingly overlooked on both sides of the coin.

Why is website performance so often overlooked?

In today’s fast-moving world, technology is improving so quickly, most people just assume everything is getting faster, and for the most part they’re right. Wired and wireless speeds are always increasing, and the never-ending stream of new handheld devices are constantly improving. Performance has almost become an afterthought. This is especially true on the web. Websites nowadays are cramming in videos, large images, and all manner of animations with reckless abandon. Unless the developers really know what they’re doing, odds are the website performs poorly, but fast connection speeds will mask the issues. However, in the RV industry, given the population’s nomadic nature, speed and performance are not always a privilege.

Why is website performance important?

This is where an optimized website will separate you from your competition. RVspark websites will load all text information and only load images and videos if the connection can handle it. This keeps our websites far away from the endless spinning arrow of never-ending loading. We also keep our code as minimal as possible, taking it much easier on older equipment than most website developers. Older machines with slower processors and less RAM have a hard time displaying websites with too many un-optimized bells and whistles. It can ruin the browsing experience, and that can be costly if frustration levels rise.

Moral of the story?

You can get a website built just about anywhere by just about anyone, but you don’t want just anyone building the most exposed part of your business. You need seasoned professionals with a love of the industry and their finger on the pulse of technology.

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