Removing the hassle of website maintenance.

Websites are funny projects. Both parties are excited leading up to launch and then…they become headaches. Far too many websites sit dormant with incorrect and outdated information because their owners either forget about them, are too busy, or can’t be bothered with the unnecessarily complex process of updating them. We’re trying to change this trend and not only keep campground websites up-to-date, but make them a valued member of the team worth bragging about.

Keeping it current

Nothing makes us more sad than browsing an RV park website and realizing information is incorrect or, the absolute worst, seeing a copyright date at the bottom from the previous decade. The beauty of RVspark is

  • we’re dedicated to keeping the platform on the bleeding edge of technology
  • we continually add new designs and themes so you can change the entire look of your campground’s website whenever you like
  • we call you every quarter to confirm all information on your website is correct

Keeping it simple

RVspark is built to be really easy for anyone to update. We’ve built the platform on WordPress and customized it so all settings and important information like rates, color options, phone numbers, and location are all in one convenient place.

Over our years of experience building websites, we know it’s imperative to keep things simple and we’re obsessed with making RVspark the least intimidating system on the internet.

Keeping it in the family

Our unexpected favorite aspect of RV life has been the fantastic community. We’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many generous, helpful people. It has been truly humbling, and RVspark is just one of the ways we plan to do our part. We enjoy bringing a sense of community and family to everything we do, so when you sign up, you will be hearing from us and we would love to hear from you!

Beyond calling you 4 times a year, we want to make very clear that we are always open to feedback. As much as we think we know, it will be you and your fellow RV park owners who will truly make RVspark the absolute best website platform.

Thank you for reading – hope to speak to you soon!

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