Why is it important for an RV park to have a great website?

It’s important for every business to have a great website. It’s 2018 after all, and while the internet started out as a nerdy underground, it is now an almost inescapable part of everyone’s lives. Even older generations have largely adopted it, and any business aiming to be taken seriously has had to do the same.

We’ll be scratching the surface of what that means for campgrounds and RV parks as our eyes work down the page and we fight the sudden rush of hunger that just came over us (unless vegetarian or vegan, of course).

The RV community is growing (and getting younger)

With the explosion of tiny houses and the downsizing movement, more and more people under the age of 55 are opting to live small, and a subset of those people are opting to live on the move. As technology has improved and companies have increasingly hired remote workers, the inherent nomadic nature of human beings has bubbled to the surface with greater frequency. Couple this with the massive growth of cellular/wireless connectivity and we’ve got a lot of young professionals rolling around on laptops and tablets.

It’s imperative that every campground have a modern, mobile-friendly website that everyone can access via their plethora of devices. You’re essentially invisible without one.

You may only have seconds – give the people what they want!

The fleeting attention spans of 2018 are an unfortunate side effect of our constant over-stimulation, and we can sit around complaining about it all day, but what we should do is roll up our sleeves and work the problem. The best way to combat this is to make sure your website gives users what they’re looking for with as little hassle as possible.

The only way to do this is to ask yourself what are RV park website visitors looking for? They generally want to know what the rates are, what the park and/or sites look like, and what amenities are available. Serve the most important morsels to them quickly and resist the urge to over-complicate things.

We’ve got a lot more to cover

We’re just getting started here. Websites are an integral part of business and life and we’ll be exploring all aspects of their influence and importance in posts to come. Thanks for reading!

Mobile-friendly RV park websites

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